Top Tips to Keep Entryways Clean Through the Toughest Months

November 15th, 2017 by Lilian Radke

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The leaves are falling and with the recent chill in the air there is no denying that the harsh New England winter is right around the corner. With those tough winter months come extra challenges for facility managers: ice and snow removal, heating system maintenance, etc. A pile up of leaves, or salt in entryways shouldn’t cause additional headaches, Unicpro recommends following these steps keep floors and entryways clean and safe for all who enter your building.
Utilize the CPM method: Clean, Protect and Maintain.
1.    Clean – A good deep clean is the first and most important step of any floor care. Unicpro’s floor care service ensures that the surface is completely cleaned of any build up of organic and inorganic matter that daily sweeping and mopping can leave. Doing this step right will help the next steps to be effective. Failure to properly clean and prep the surface can result in sealing in stains and dirt which can dull the look of an entryway.
2.    Protect – Following a good deep cleaning, wax as necessary for your types of floors and strategically place the largest possible mats that the area can accommodate. Matting is extremely important as it is your first defense against the snow and salt which can damage floors and create potential dangerous conditions for slip and fall accidents to occur. Porous floors, such as concrete, can be treated with a clear coat epoxy to ensure dirt and liquids don’t permanently stain the surface. Placing mats to cover the first 12 feet of an entryway will trap 99% of contaminants according to the ISSA. Mats should be kept clean and dry to avoid creating an eyesore that may drive away customers.
3.    Maintain – Just as the proper maintenance on a piece of equipment is necessary, the same applies to floors. Taking some steps to maintain the entryway floors will help to prevent an expensive replacement before it should be necessary. Your commercial cleaning company should be able to show you records indicating dates of service for cleaning and polishing of floors. Proper records help the cleaner to be accountable and allows for other team members to be aware of the status for each facility. Using the best tools for the job is also key. Just a broom and mop unfortunately will not do the trick. Specialized auto-scrubbing machinery and specialized solvent cleaners are necessary to remove more than just surface build up and dirt.
How floors are Cleaned, Protected and Maintained are vital to the safety of all who enter your building this fall and winter. Don’t let mud, dirt, salt and ice tarnish your floors and entryways. The professionals at Unicpro can work with you to make sure the worst parts of the New England weather stay outside where they belong.


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