Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet CleaningFreshly cleaned carpets welcome your clients and employees and reflect the pride you have in your business. When selecting commercial carpet cleaning services, it is important to find professionals experienced in commercial-grade carpet. Commonly a low pile product, commercial grade carpet is created to withstand heavy foot traffic, but it also endures consistent dirt buildup that can age and dull its appearance.

Unic Pro Inc. offers superior commercial carpet cleaning services using the latest technology and equipment. One of the most popular methods of cleaning commercial carpet is steam cleaning, also known as the hot water extraction method. This is the best technique available today and recommended by all carpet manufacturers. The Unic Pro Inc. process begins with vacuuming, a step that can remove roughly 80% of dry particle matter. After spot treatment and preconditioning the carpet, a carpet cleaner is applied to agitate and extract soil. A speed-dry process then moves air through the freshly cleaned carpeting. To raise the carpet fibers and improve the overall appearance of the flooring, Unic Pro Inc. professionals groom the carpet with a tool that resembles a rake.

As an added benefit, Unic Pro Inc. commercial carpet cleaning services are eco-friendly. Our organic carpet cleaning techniques include materials that ensure the durability and long life of commercial grade carpeting while keeping the workplace safe for people and the environment.

Unic Pro Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our employees are bonded and insured, experienced and reliable. In addition to shampooing and steam cleaning, we clean rugs, upholstery, curtains and coverings. Our employees are experts at neutralizing odors, removing food stains and tackling mud and grime. To learn more about how commercial carpet cleaning services can improve the appearance of your floors and extend the life of your investment, contact us.

Director of Facility Operations
“In this past year we have seen a great improvement in the care and cleaning of the buildings. We have received numerous comments by our members on how clean the facilities are. The staff at UNICPRO has been very receptive to any request we have had and is always very quick to respond if there is something that comes up.”
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