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5 Tips for Cleaning the Dirtiest Room in Your Building

April 5th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Restroom Cleaning MA

The restroom is the area that receives the most traffic of anywhere in the building. It is also the one room that everyone in your facility uses, can turn off a customer in an instant and is notoriously difficult to keep clean.  These tips will keep your business from being represented poorly by a sullied bathroom. For the best results you should hire a cleaning service to tackle this area regularly.

  1. Assign someone to do a sweep of the restroom throughout the day. It only takes a short amount of time for this area to become a mess. Catch messes before they get too bad by having an employee check the area for trash, empty paper goods, etc.
  2. Sanitize the fixtures. Sanitation is of great importance and most light cleaning will take care of the sinks, toilets and urinals. Additionally, the stalls, mirrors and towel dispensers should also be fully sanitized. A commercial cleaning company will take the care to get all of the minute details, ensuring a great clean every time.
  3. Use proper cleaning tools. Unlike a residential bathroom, commercial spaces require the use of specialized equipment to get the job done right. Having a putty scraper and razor blade will help remove sticky objects, color coded microfiber wipes help to halt germs being spread from one area to the next. Steam cleaners and UV lighting may be needed or desired in health care facilities to completely disinfect all surfaces. Consult with your Massachusetts cleaning company about what tools are best for your specific needs.
  4. Have a process and stick to it. Ensuring that the restroom is cleaned and well stocked is best achieved by following a series of steps to maintain consistency and efficiency. A good rule of thumb is to gather all supplies needed, dust and sweep, disinfect, refill paper and soap dispensers, clean surfaces using color coded cloths, damp-mop your way out taking care to leave wet floor signs where necessary.
  5. Let the products work. Spraying disinfectant cleaner and rushing to wipe it off will not result in a clean restroom. Cleaning products are designed to work effectively when given a bit of dwell time. 5-10 minutes will help to ward off bacteria and result in a much fresher facility.

Restroom care is so important in the eyes of your employees and customers. A clean bathroom is a reflection on the level of care that is carried throughout the company. Often people will not mention when something has turned them off so it is especially important to consistently and routinely clean your restroom area. The proper care begins with a commitment to reflect a higher degree of cleanliness.

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