It’s All In The Details

February 7th, 2017 by Lilian Radke

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William Morris, a famed textile designer once said “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life”. This truth is important whether you are leading a team to Super Bowl victory (GO PATS!!!), creating new processes in your business, or paying particular attention to the little details that are often missed in the day to day affairs.

When it comes to Janitorial services, is the company your using paying attention to the details? Anyone can take out the trash, vacuum the rugs and call it a day. At Unicpro we recommend checking these often overlooked areas to be sure you are getting the top level of service:

  1. Lights – From lightbulbs to switch covers this is often one of the most overlooked areas in the office. It also has a big impact on the bright, clean feeling of a facility. Dingy light bulbs can cast dark shadows and make a space feel dull and dingy. Flourescent lights can benefit from regular dusting.
  2. Phones – This often overlooked space of the office is used several times during the course of the day and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Cleaning companies that pay attention to details will always use an antibacterial cleanser to stop germs from spreading. Phones present a unique challenge because they are susceptible to contamination from employee’s hands and breath.
  3. Door handles – With so many different people touching a door handle throughout the day it is no surprise that millions of germs can be found here. The leading cause of illness spreading from person to person is the transfer of germs and bacteria from doorknobs in public spaces.
  4. Computers– Keyboards, screens and other parts of a computer subject to constant contact with hands can also be breeding grounds for bacteria. It is important to disinfect these areas regularly and keep them free of dust and debris to keep them functioning properly.

Attention to detail can mean the difference between success and failure, even the smallest missed cleaning  opportunity can lead to lost time for employees, bad first impressions for new customers or low office morale.

Want to see a noticeable difference in your office cleaning? Unicpro offers free quotes on office cleaning and a wide variety of other services.  Customizing services to fit your needs and your budget is our specialty. Contact us today: 877-881-8642

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