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How to Manage Weather Damage

January 5th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Winter Cleaning, Commercial carpet cleaning, clean floors

Winter is here, with freezing temperatures and snow just around the corner it is hard to deny. With winter time comes excess dirt and salt which although makes for safer roads, leaves a lot of damage in its aftermath.

Why should I clean my flooring extra in the winter?

High traffic areas such as entrances and hallways become eyesores as they are covered in white marks and dirt. Salt stains are especially prominent on dark floors. In addition to the unpleasant and dirty look of the white carpet stains left behind from salt, the damage can be extensive.

Salt can cause great damage if left in the carpet long term. Over time, because of it’s abrasive nature it eventually breaks down the fibers in the carpet or removes the protective coating on laminate and tile. The best way to prevent carpet damage is to stop the salt from coming in contact with your carpet before it can wreak havoc. The best solution is to have the carpets at your business professionally cleaned by a trusted commercial cleaning company. Frequent deep cleanings ensure that all excess materials like salt are removed from deep within the fibers. Most carpets and laminate or tile flooring exposed to high traffic during winter months must be replaced within three years if professional cleaning services are not used. It is a case where prevention is the best solution. Adding additional mats at entrances during the winter months can also help prevent salt and dirt from entering your building and along with janitorial services will prevent costly damage to the flooring underneath.

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