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How To Check If Your Janitorial Service Cuts Corners!

May 10th, 2016 by Lilian Radke


Massachusetts Cleaning Company

Having a clean building is vital to every business. A clean facility is usually one that is both healthy and safe. A reputable commercial cleaning company in Massachusetts will make sure that every area is thoroughly clean. But how can you be sure that your cleaning company is actually cleaning top to bottom and not cutting corners?  These 5 tips will show you if your cleaning company is just cleaning what you see or really does a thorough job.

  1. Check the lights: Lights are one of the most overlooked spots and can quickly accumulate a lot of dust. Inspecting the light coverings for cobwebs and dust will certainly “shed some light” on your cleaning situation. Extended dusters should be a part of any good commercial cleaner’s arsenal.
  2. Glass: Check your entry door for smears, fingerprints and dust. If your janitorial services company isn’t hitting this key area, then they are most likely missing other areas.
  3. Look up high: Chances are if your cleaning company isn’t pulling their weight then they are leaving anything out of eyesight untouched. Check the corners, ceiling fans, vents, etc. for signs of dust. A good Massachusetts cleaning company will go “above” and beyond to take your facility to new heights.
  4. And look down low: Baseboards, floor vents and dark corners are easy spots to skip over when rushing through a job. Make sure your Massachusetts janitorial company is getting in the crevices even when they are out of the way.
  5. Do you sense complacency? Sometimes a long-term vendor can start to get complacent with their service and forget that every day they go into your building they are representing your company. This is a big mistake for a commercial cleaning company to let that happen. Every day your building has first time visitors that need to see the very best from your company and that starts with a clean, well maintained facility. If you think your current cleaning company may be relying on their long-term contract rather than their reliable service you may want to consider your options.

Use these tips as you are walking around your building to check with a fresh set of eyes how your current janitorial service is really doing. Contact us for more information about how you can improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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