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Creating Lean Manufacturing Through Your Janitorial Services

July 5th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

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Lean manufacturing allows for the best quality while racking up cost savings by improving efficiency. Getting product out the door on time is the #1 priority for any manufacturing facility. The best way to ensure that product keeps flowing through your process is to keep the management and employees safe and focused on their role. One major way to accomplish that is to maintain a clean and safe environment. Working with a local janitorial service is very effective to drop more productivity to your bottom line.

3 Lean Manufacturing Tips that your Janitorial Services in New England can help you with:

Safe environmentDog diarrhea after flagyloffer a fresh perspective on your safety program and can offer insight on areas for improvement. Safe work areas  prevent slip and falls, worker’s compensation related time off and keep your employees at work so you can get product out and keep to your production schedules.

Clean machines run better – Increased productivity and decreased maintenance costs are the two benefits that will help create great workflow. The efficiency depends on the quality and condition of your machinery. Professional cleaning companies maximize the efficiency of your machines and allow you to have an edge in your production output.

Use the principles of Kaizen – Kaizen or Continuous improvement is about continual refining. Looking at your systems and asking how the process can be improved is the essential key to lean manufacturing. Make sure to work with a commercial cleaning company that will look at this with you and strives to continually improve their own processes as well.


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