The Most Important Thing About Your Cleaning Company…(It’s not what you think!)

January 21st, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Cleaning Company MA

How Can You Tell You Are Working With A Good Cleaning Company?

Many things come to mind when thinking about your cleaning company – their responsiveness, attention to detail, how consistent their cleaning is, their pricing, etc. But there is a much more important but often overlooked part of their business which is a key indicator as to the type of company they are. The best way to tell if your cleaning company is  a good fit is their employee satisfaction.

A company’s employees will tell you all you need to know about a business.

  • Is your cleaning company employing trustworthy cleaners?
  • Are the employees happy with their job?
  • Do the employees complain about their boss or lack of tools to perform their job correctly?

A happy employee shows that your cleaning company cares not only about their customers but also about those out there performing the important tasks that help bring in and keep those customers. A disgruntled employee can be an indicator of a problem with the company, their ethics or their treatment of their most valuable asset. Someone who is happily employed by a good cleaning company will put their all into their work, taking pride in a job well done and paying attention to details.

At UnicPro we value and appreciate our hardworking team! We love feedback from our customers about our employees and how we are serving you as your cleaning company in MA. Please contact us with any comments or to see how we can be a great fit as your dependable cleaning company!

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