Which Candidate is Best For You?

October 25th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

With the Presidential Election just around the corner we are feeling the intensity of what the presidential election means. The decision we make as a country will have long lasting historical impact and is one that can’t be made lightly. Many people have the same feeling when making big decisions for their business and they […]

5 Tips For Keeping Contaminants Out of Your Cleanroom

September 23rd, 2016 by Lilian Radke

  It can be difficult to keep contaminants out of the manufacturing process. When your product depends on a highly controlled manufacturing area it is especially important to ensure the proper processes. As products become smaller and more sensitive to dust, vapors, and other airborne particles, the use of cleanrooms and clean manufacturing operations becomes […]

How Valuable Is Your Janitorial Service?

September 1st, 2016 by Lilian Radke

No matter your needs, a professional and experienced janitorial service will help add value to your business in many ways. Not every company provides the same value, to find the best janitorial services look beyond the simple tasks of trash removal, floor care and dusting to find the real value they provide. Health: They put […]

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Is Your Facility Ready for Back to School?

August 18th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

  School buildings and campus facilities will be abuzz with activity soon.  Hundreds of students, staff and visitors will be coming on campus in the next weeks. There is so much work to be done not only to get things ready but also to maintain throughout the year. Cafeterias, restrooms, dormitories, classrooms, administrative buildings—the list […]

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Nightly Cleaning Services

July 30th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

When it comes to any commercial cleaning services, we’re all about meeting our customer’s specific needs. Whether you require just a few basic, nightly services or a complete top-to-bottom deep cleaning, we can customize a package that not only meets your needs for cleanliness, but your budget as well.   While your employees unwind after […]

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  Lean manufacturing allows for the best quality while racking up cost savings by improving efficiency. Getting product out the door on time is the #1 priority for any manufacturing facility. The best way to ensure that product keeps flowing through your process is to keep the management and employees safe and focused on their […]

Summer is just around the corner. With the temperature surge and fun weekend parties comes an increase in pest activity. Of particular concern are ants, mosquitoes and other warm weather insects. Keeping restrooms, kitchens and break rooms clean has a huge impact on the appearance of these pests in facilities. These key areas require an […]

Commercial Tile Cleaning Service

May 25th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Tiles are often one of the top reasons that a company looks for a great commercial cleaning company in Massachusetts. Tiles and especially grout lines are challenging to clean, have a big impact on how the facility looks and are most effectively restored using specialized tools and techniques. In addition, deep cleaning your grout and […]

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  Having a clean building is vital to every business. A clean facility is usually one that is both healthy and safe. A reputable commercial cleaning company in Massachusetts will make sure that every area is thoroughly clean. But how can you be sure that your cleaning company is actually cleaning top to bottom and […]

A recent news story shared a nightmare situation for parents. Two 7 year old students suffered chemical burns after using the restroom at their elementary school. These second-degree burns were caused by a harsh disinfectant used to clean the toilets at the school. Sadly, this is only one of several stories that show the deep […]

As the saying goes bigger is better and in some cases that’s true, however when it comes to commercial cleaning services there are distinct advantages to using smaller, locally owned companies. Rather than getting lost in the shuffle of a large national cleaning company with too many clients, see these top reasons to try out […]

The restroom is the area that receives the most traffic of anywhere in the building. It is also the one room that everyone in your facility uses, can turn off a customer in an instant and is notoriously difficult to keep clean.  These tips will keep your business from being represented poorly by a sullied […]

6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Facility

March 17th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

The days are getting longer and weather will be getting better (hopefully! Weather can be a bit unpredictable in Massachusetts) now is the time to give your facility a great start for the spring. When it comes to a commercial facility, spring cleaning refers to the upkeep of those spots around your building that don’t […]

Challenges of Medical Facility Cleaning

March 7th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Living in Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have access to the very best healthcare facilities in the world. Healthcare is a cutting edge industry with new changes happening everyday. Having a medical cleaning service that is aware of current trends and regulations is important for any lab, clinic, hospital or medical facility. If your current […]

Are you are looking for commercial janitorial services? Maybe you are getting ready for a contract renewal and are exploring your options or perhaps you already have a cleaning service but you really need more from them than you are currently getting. Finding consistent, affordable commercial cleaning services shouldn’t mean taking a shot in the […]

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  Comparing costs for commercial cleaning prices is made difficult by misleading sales people and unclear quotes. So how can you decipher the pricing to ensure that you have clear, truly comparable information to make the best decision for your facility? Make sure you aren’t the “guinea pig” for a new Cleaning Company. Inexperienced cleaning […]

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Your Janitorial Service is it Making the Grade?

January 30th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Is it time to give your janitorial service a report card? It’s important to evaluate the commercial cleaning company you use to be sure that their janitorial service makes the grade. If your current situation has you questioning whether they pass or fail, then read on for five areas they should be excelling. Your current […]

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How Can You Tell You Are Working With A Good Cleaning Company? Many things come to mind when thinking about your cleaning company – their responsiveness, attention to detail, how consistent their cleaning is, their pricing, etc. But there is a much more important but often overlooked part of their business which is a key […]

  You CAN win big with your commercial cleaning services! Having confidence in your vendors and a great responsiveness from them can make you feel like a million bucks. When all cylinders are firing and your building is looking better than ever you can feel like Lady Luck is on your side. Sometimes taking the […]

How to Manage Weather Damage

January 5th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

Winter is here, with freezing temperatures and snow just around the corner it is hard to deny. With winter time comes excess dirt and salt which although makes for safer roads, leaves a lot of damage in its aftermath. Why should I clean my flooring extra in the winter? High traffic areas such as entrances […]

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