How to Select the Right Flooring

June 11th, 2017 by Lilian Radke

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Selecting the perfect flooring that will stand up to commercial traffic and lend the right aesthetic is no easy task. Choose the right product and enjoy years of hassle free use, but choose the wrong surface and prepare to deal with issue after issue. Fully understanding each product, its parameters and the daily and long term care can help you avoid a costly misstep. No other surface in a commercial space handles as much abuse as flooring, these tips can help you make the right decision for your facility.

Questions to consider:

What is the traffic of the area? Heavy traffic areas such as foyers, corridors, call centers and dining areas are best suited to hard surfaces or commercial grade low pile carpeting which will stand up to the amount of traffic. Moderate and light traffic areas such as meeting spaces, offices, and other limited use space can withstand more decorative choices and a broader range of materials.

What do I like/dislike about the current flooring? If this decision is for replacement flooring, you can consider the pros and cons of the existing material to help inform your decision.  There are likely to be options in every flooring category that will meet the aesthetic goals you have but can be adapted to the specific performance level you would like to see.

What is the budget? Budget is a very important factor to consider and you will be surprised to find affordable options in every category. An often overlooked component however is the proper care and maintenance budget to ensure the flooring performs and lasts for the maximum amount of time. Make sure to consider that when comparing costs.

Types of flooring:

Wood: Warm and rich, hardwood floors are a classic choice. When properly maintained by the right professional janitorial service they can last long beyond other materials. Daily cleaning should be done as dust and dirt can create scratches over time. Regularly scheduled refinishing should be maintained on a set schedule to remove surface scratches and restore shine.

Carpet: The most slip resistant product, carpet is an affordable, comfortable and durable choice for many low to moderate traffic areas. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning should be done to keep carpets from becoming dingy. Routine maintenance is the most important factor to preventing and removing stains.

VCT Tile: Composed of colored vinyl chips VCT flooring should be waxed or buffed to keep it looking new. Special attention to moisture and product usage should be made as excess water can affect adhesion and abrasives may damage this surface.

Rubber: Made from synthetic rubber (SBR) these floors are nonporous, waterproof and resilient to temperature change. Daily maintenance requires vacuuming to keep dust at a minimum, cleaning with a pH balanced cleaner. Special care should be taken to limit the amount of water used so it doesn’t interfere with the adhesive. Check with your local commercial cleaning company to ensure they are familiar with the proper chemicals to use as rubber flooring can become brittle and break when exposed to the wrong chemicals.

Whatever choice you make it pays to hire the right partner to protect your investment and keep you from costly issues. Unicpro has the expertise and can provide value by keeping your floors in the best condition so that you can focus on other things.

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