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6 Tips for Selecting the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

February 25th, 2016 by Lilian Radke

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Are you are looking for commercial janitorial services? Maybe you are getting ready for a contract renewal and are exploring your options or perhaps you already have a cleaning service but you really need more from them than you are currently getting. Finding consistent, affordable commercial cleaning services shouldn’t mean taking a shot in the dark. Check out these quick tips to better evaluate potential Massachusetts cleaning companies.

1. People come first.

A great way to tell if you are working with a top notch company is to look to how they treat people. Have they been courteous and responsive to you? Referrals should be a standard offering when you get a quote as well. Also look to how happy their employees are, that is often the best indicator of the level of service they will provide.


2.Low Turnover Translates to Better Service & Safety

High janitorial turnover costs you money and can affect the service you get. Excessive turnover is indicative of a troubled cleaning company, if they are constantly needing to hire and train new employees it means that you have a revolving door of new people that are not familiar with your facility’s needs. It also can be a risk to the safety of your building if there are new faces entering your facility constantly. reduces the value of what you are getting from your commercial cleaning company. Who do you think ultimately pays the price for high turnover costs associated with training and hiring? Chances are it is YOU the customer.

3. Your Commercial Cleaning Service Helps to Cut Costs

Your commercial cleaning contractor can be a big help when you are staring down a budget that just isn’t working. The most experienced commercial janitorial services have the knowledge to reduce services in a way that reaches your budget goals without reducing them to an unacceptable level. They can customize a special plan that finds that is what you need and what you can afford. The best Massachusetts cleaning companies can work smarter and focus their time where it is most needed. Using state-of-the-art equipment, cutting edge cleaning methods and innovative techniques to create significant cost-cutting opportunities for you.


4.Your Commercial Cleaning Company Must Have Checks and Balances

How does the company keep consistency and assure they are delivering a high level of service day in and day out? A good janitorial service will have systems in place such as checklists for their employees to follow, supervisory checks on a regular basis and/or channels for feedback from their customers.

5. The Best Companies Utilize Technology to Drive Continuous Improvement

The best commercial cleaning companies embrace technology in a way that helps them deliver quality and value to their customers. Do they use software to help manage services and respond to your requests? Ask them how they make technology work for you the customer.


6. Size Matters

As Goldilocks was with the 3 bears, so you must be with your cleaning service to find the one that’s “just right”. Too big and you’ll get lost amongst other customers. Too small and you may not get the experience and professionalism you need. Try to find a janitorial service that is big enough to deliver professional, affordable services and small enough that every customer matters.


So when you are searching for effective, affordable commercial cleaning services keep in mind these 6 tips. Using a company that is big enough to have experience but not too large that you get lost, works with you to keep your costs down, puts people first which in turn reduces their turnover, and uses the right technology to deliver impeccable service will make your job easier and give you peace of mind.

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