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5 Tips for a Clean Smelling Office

November 16th, 2015 by Lilian Radke


A surefire turn off for customers and employees alike is an office with a musty or funky odor! These tips will help you make the right impression as soon as someone steps in the door.

  1. Make your lights pull double duty – A well-kept secret is that you can use the normal heat of your lights to help spread fragrance. A few drops of essential oil or fragrance applied to light bulbs is a simple trick. Just remember a little goes a long way.
  2. Let some air in – Stagnant air can leave an office smelling stuffy so let a little air in by opening the windows for a bit. Fresh air also energizes employees and can help them focus.
  3. Go Green – Plants are a great way to freshen up a space. Ficus, chrysanthemum, and English ivy are just a few options which help filter the air and remove VOCS.
  4. Deep clean carpets and linens – Odors tend to linger in the fibers of carpets and drapes. A good deep cleaning will root out the problem and a regular cleaning schedule from a quality commercial cleaning company can maintain the freshness.
  5. Regular cleaning and trash removal – This really goes without saying but many offensive offices smells will disappear after a quick and thorough cleaning. Removing trash, washing any dishes in the break room and wiping down counters can make a big difference.

If your office looks clean but smells dirty it may be sending mixed messages. A good cleaning schedule utilizing a professional cleaning company will help your building reflect the priority of good general cleanliness in your business.

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