10 Tips to Keep Your Facility in Great Shape

November 22nd, 2015 by Lilian Radke


Continuing to keep your facility as clean and well maintained as it was when you first took charge is no easy task. As buildings age and companies change it can be more and more difficult to make your facility shine. These tips will help you to keep your building looking its best and always trust a good commercial cleaning company to put your best interests first.


  1. Use the right supplies – Having all of the tools you need helps make building maintenance a breeze. Once a quarter go through all of your necessary supplies and order anything that is missing. Having a well-stocked arsenal is important for every facility.
  2. Brands matter – Generic over name-brands can certainly save but keep in mind that with certain brands there is added value from their name. Seeing a name brand on highly visible items signifies an extra level of care and value. Costs can be cut on behind the scenes items or brand-less items such as garbage bags, soap, etc.
  3. A floor mat is your first defense – Trapping dirt, mud and other elements before they make it into your building by putting a high quality floor mat at all entrances. Longer mats will help to keep floors clean.
  4. Follow protocols and checklists – Keeping yourself accountable is the most important step you can take. It is easy to be distracted by the business all around us and forget to do something. Having a checklist can make sure that you covered all of your bases before you head home for the day or weekend.
  5. Surround yourself with the right team – As a facility or building manager you are like the coach and your contracted suppliers are your team. Make sure you can easily communicate with them and that they are delivering for you, if there not it may be time to bench them. A quality commercial cleaning company will be accessible and ready to go to bat for you, or throw a hail-mary pass your way.
  6. It is all in the details – The floors will always be clean and the trash emptied but how about the small detail items? When was the last time the grout was deep cleaned? Or the window screens changed? These details matter yet they are easy to overlook. Make sure you have a plan to tackle them on a regular basis.
  7. Small actions taken consistently yield results – So you don’t have time to walk the entire building everyday, break it down into manageable steps that you can do often. Take it a floor at a time and really analyze your facility in detail rather than skimming over the whole building every day.
  8. Automate cleaning and maintenance tasks – Does your building need regular cleaning every day but once a month deep cleaning? Do the boilers need tune ups twice annually? Talk with your vendors about scheduling these things for a full year so you can focus on other items and know that these will be taken care of.
  9. Take advantage of down time – The holidays are a time when extra days off and business is slower than normal. Use this time when the building is a bit emptier than usual to do needed maintenance. Many Massachusetts janitorial companies offer services throughout the holidays.
  10. Keep your budget in check – One of the most important ways to keep your facility in shape is by keeping it financially fit! Your commercial cleaning contractor can be a valuable partner. The best Massachusetts commercial cleaning companies can customize a plan that finds that sweet spot between what you need and what you can afford. The best janitorial companies should be able to set a good program within your budget, but also allow adjustments up or down to meet your changing or even seasonal needs.

Customers and employees expect a clean, well maintained environment and will notice if an area is not properly kept up. It’s always a good idea to proactively ask about how the facility is doing with cleanliness, and when they express room for improvement, act on it. These simple tips can help ensure an effective and efficient cleaning and maintenance routine that makes the most of valuable staff time and resources.

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