10 Signs You Need To Hire A New Cleaning Company

November 13th, 2015 by Lilian Radke

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When it comes to your facility maintenance, commercial cleaning matters. Your reputation is on the line every day and the cleanliness of your facilities reflects that. It is easy to look around and see if your current janitorial cleaning could use some improvement. Here are 10 signs that a change may be needed for your commercial cleaning service so that you can get back to managing the other important areas of your facility:


  1. Your current janitorial service overlooks simple things on a regular basis. If their standards have gotten sloppy this should serve as a red flag that there may be a problem.
  2. Your calls are not being returned in a timely manner. We know everyone is busy but when you have questions or concerns time is of the essence. A cleaning company that doesn’t return calls won’t have many raving fans for customers. Any time you try to contact them you should get an immediate answer or at least a quick reply.
  3. Supplies are low or empty frequently. Do you notice that your commercial cleaner hasn’t been restocking paper goods in the restrooms or soap dispensers are constantly out? Nightly restocking is an important component of any janitorial service. This is a sure sign that the company you currently use is not considerate of your needs.
  4. Dirty, wet floors are not only an eyesore, they are hazardous. Floors that are wet or dirty with areas left unclean and unfinished speak volumes about your business and they aren’t saying good things. Don’t allow your cleaning company to put you at risk for a potential problem with a slip and fall or a bad mark on the facility from management.
  5. Unreliable Just getting the job done is never enough. If the cleaning company is constantly flaking on you it is time to break up with them.
  6. Sky high prices A quality cleaning company should always add value and for the peace of mind they provide it is worth every penny. That doesn’t mean that it should cost an arm and a leg.
  7. You’re not sure who is going to show up every time A professional, well run cleaning company will send someone who is familiar with your needs and preferences on a regular basis. Explaining for the 10th time to another new cleaner where the toilet paper is kept can be frustrating and it also shows the cleaning company doesn’t retain employees on a long-term basis.
  8. You are left in the dark about maintenance issues. A great janitorial company should form a partnership with you. If they aren’t alerting you to potential problems they notice then it’s time to look for someone who cares enough about you to communicate.
  9. Things are left dirty. Ok this really should be number 1! It is hard to believe that there are some companies out there that don’t even do the basic job they were hired to do. If you see things left dirty after your cleaning service has come you should run!
  10. Who’s in charge? Getting in touch with someone when there is an issue shouldn’t be difficult. Your janitorial contractor should be in touch with you regularly even if you don’t need it just to check in. It’s just good business and helps ensure you the customer are satisfied and the service is responsive to your individual needs.



It is your job to leave a favorable impression on everyone entering your building and that requires juggling many different aspects of facility management. If it feels like the cleaning company you are using is guilty of one or more of these signs it’s time to start reconsidering your janitorial service. Hiring a commercial cleaning company should help lighten your load of responsibilities. Not all companies are created equal and often once you take the plunge to try someone new you will wonder why you waited so long. Are you ready to start having more time to focus on other priorities? Contact us today.

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